Community Guidelines

We value the safety and well-being of our community, and we are committed to maintaining a secure, supportive, and collaborative environment for educators to explore current literacy methods & practices. Please find below the community guidelines that applies to all interactions, transactions and communication with Hello Literacy® and Hello Decodables™, whether you are purchasing, commenting, accessing free or paid, hard-copy or digital resources, browsing, or utilizing other products and services.

We know teachers are already amazing humans. Be as a great community member as you can be.

Be kind. Don’t do anything in any way to harm, threaten, stalk, intimidate or harass anyone.

Be truthful. Please refrain from sharing information or creating content that is untrue, deceptive, misleading, or incorrect. Avoid impersonating or trying to impersonate others while using the services on our site. Additionally, do not employ misleading email addresses, IP addresses, or any other means to conceal your identity or the source of information you are sharing or posting, or accessing from this site.

Be honest. Don’t share your purchases with anyone who hasn’t purchased it themselves and do not store your digital purchases on Google Drive. If you purchase multiple licenses, they should only be shared and copied for the number of teacher licenses purchased.

Make informed purchasing decisions. When making a purchase on our site, it is your responsibility to carefully read and examine resource previews and thumbnails, thoroughly read resource descriptions, including any software requirements, and exercise prudent judgment regarding intellectual property considerations prior to completing your purchase. Please be aware that mistaken purchases may not qualify for a refund.

Be nice. If you find typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions (see section 11 of our Terms) in any free or paid products on this site, please complete the Typo & Errors Google Form to give Hello Literacy® an opportunity to correct it before leaving public or private negative feedback.

Don’t interfere with other site Users. Please refrain from attempting to access the account, or computer of any of our users. Do not upload or share content that includes viruses, malware, or any other code or programs intended to disrupt, damage, extract information from, or otherwise compromise any computer system, software, hardware, or equipment. In addition, do not share your login credentials with other users who do not have their own accounts with their own purchased downloads.

In essence, please be kind, respectful, truthful, honest, follow the law and use common sense.

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