Best Decodables For Primary Grades

Embark on a journey of literacy and discovery with Hello Literacy's best decodables for primary grades. Our collection is more than just a series of texts; it's a gateway to a world where learning to read becomes an adventure filled with fun, engagement, and meaningful progress.


Innovative Approach to Phonics 

At Hello Literacy, we revolutionize the way learners engage with phonics. Our best decodables for primary grades are designed with a simple to complex phonetic progression and storytelling charm. Phonics skills such as schwa, r-controlled vowels and two syllable CVC words are all taught way ahead on the scope and sequence because these are not only phonics patterns that primary grade students can read, but they are skills primary grade students need early to read.


Inclusive Stories

Inclusion is at the heart of our collection. We believe every child deserves to see themselves reflected in the stories they read. Our best decodables for primary grades feature a wide array of characters and settings, celebrating different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. This not only enriches the reading experience but also fosters empathy and understanding among emerging readers.


Progressive Difficulty Levels

Understanding that children develop reading skills at different paces, our decodables, known as some of the best decodables for primary grades, are organized in a progressively difficult format. This structured approach allows children to start with simpler texts and gradually move to more complex ones as their decoding skills improve. Each level introduces new phonetic patterns and high frequency words learned through sound symbol mapping, aligned with the most effective teaching strategies in literacy education, and aligned to the Science of Reading research.


Interactive Learning Tools

Hello Literacy's best decodables for primary grades are paired with a variety of supplementary learning tools. These include phonics games, word mats, printable activities, and online resources that complement the reading experience. These tools are designed to reinforce phonetic skills and make learning to read an interactive and dynamic process. Hello Phonics lessons are 100% aligned to the fiction Hello Decodables.

Hello Literacy's best decodables for primary grades are a blend of innovative phonics instruction, engaging stories, and interactive learning. Our collection is not just about teaching children to read; it's about igniting a passion for reading and learning that lasts a lifetime. Join us on this exciting journey and watch as the learners in your life become confident, accurate readers.

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