Texas Best Decodable Books

At Hello Literacy, we are committed to transforming the landscape of literacy education. We understand that mastering foundational reading skills is a fundamental step in a child's educational journey, and we're thrilled to introduce our innovative solution aligned to the Science of Reading research – Hello Decodables, Texas best decodable books.  

Designed for school districts, elementary teachers, interventionists, tutors, public and private schools, homeschools, and parents, our decodable phonics materials revolutionize the way young learners engage with applying foundational reading skills, ultimately addressing and/or preventing reading problems and nurturing confident, proficient readers in TX with the ability to apply their learned phonics knowledge in our decodable phonics books.



Elevate young learners' phonics mastery and word recognition fluency with our Texas best decodable books, Hello Decodables. Our meticulously designed decodable books blend engaging narratives with targeted phonics practice in a systematic, sequential order of skills, addressing foundational reading problems and paving the way for confident, skilled readers.


Reading Fluency, Practice, and Phonics Excellence

Hello Decodables are more than just books; they're a comprehensive reading solution that embraces the principles of phonemic awareness and phonics application, reading fluency, targeted practice, and phonics mastery. Our best decodable books in Texas lay the foundation for confident, successful reading by offering a systematic approach that reinforces new and previously taught phonics rules and evidence-based decoding strategies. 

With engaging narratives and carefully selected vocabulary, Hello Decodables provide decodable readers in Texas with the practice they need to effortlessly decode words and sentences, bridging the gap between phonics instruction and real-world reading.


Addressing Reading Problems, One Book at a Time

Hello Decodables are purposefully designed to alleviate these challenges by offering a structured progression of reading material for Texas decodable phonics readers. By building on previously learned phonics patterns, our materials ensure a gradual and meaningful advancement in foundational reading skills, while at the same time interleaving new and previous learned skills in every Hello Decodable phonics book.  



Our innovative and customizable approach captivates young decodable readers in Texas, building the foundation for confident, proficient readers. Explore the world of possibilities that Hello Decodables unlock and elevate reading experiences for students, teachers, and parents.


Innovative and Customizable 

Hello Decodables offer a refreshing take on decodable books. Through carefully curated stories and vibrant illustrations using only words containing new or previously learned phonics skills, we captivate the imaginations of young Texas decodable readers while instilling essential phonics principles. Our flexible design allows educators to adapt Hello Decodables to their reading curriculum, teaching style and students' needs, ensuring a personalized learning experience that yields tangible results. Hello Decodables yield the highest results when used with students who are grouped by phonics skill and when delivered through small group instruction.


Building Confident, Proficient Readers

With Hello Decodables, we embark on a mission to transform foundational reading instruction aligned to the Science of Reading research and when used with systematic, explicit phonemic awareness and phonics instruction. In addition to serving ALL students, Hello Decodables will turn reading difficulties into reading triumphs for students with dyslexia. Our books provide the scaffolding necessary for learners to conquer simple to complex foundational reading skills and emerge as confident, proficient decodable readers in Texas. By honing phonics skills, applying decoding strategies, nurturing word recognition fluency, and offering ample repeated reading practice, Hello Decodables equip young minds with the tools they need for accurate, effortless word reading in order to pave the way for deeper understanding and reading comprehension.



Texas best decodable books, Hello Decodables, exemplify our dedication to empowering teachers, parents, and students with the resources they need to conquer foundational reading skills, overcome reading problems and unlock a world of possibilities through confident, accurate, proficient reading.

Our Hello Decodables don't just benefit students; they empower teachers and parents to facilitate impactful reading experiences. With our teacher-friendly materials, educators can confidently guide their students through phonics patterns, monitor progress, and celebrate milestones. Parents, too, can actively participate in their child's literacy journey by using Hello Decodables as a tool to reinforce reading skills at home.

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