Utah Best Decodable Books

At Hello Literacy, we understand the importance of fostering strong reading foundations and empowering learners with the tools they need to become confident, proficient readers. Our dedication to providing decodable books and phonics curriculum aligned to the science of reading is unwavering, and our carefully written selection of Utah best decodable books reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier educational resources for your structured literacy instruction.




At Hello Literacy, we pride ourselves on providing educators, parents, and students with Utah best decodable books. Our mission is to make reading accessible and enjoyable, ensuring that emerging decodable readers in Utah, of all ages and abilities, can embark on their phonics journey with confidence. Here's why our decodable phonics books are the ideal choice for Utah educators, students and families:

  • Evidence-Based Approach. By focusing on the essential phonics skills necessary for early reading, our books are a valuable asset for educators in Utah who are committed to teaching decodable readers in Utah. The evidence of the National Reading Panel Report outlines the importance and necessity of decodable text when learning phonics in a systematic, explicit structure. Decodable books only contain the new phonics skills plus previously taught phonics skills. The use of decodable text is also most effective in small group skill instruction.
  • Tailored to Utah. Our best decodable books in Utah are specifically designed to meet the literacy needs of decodable readers in Utah. We understand the unique educational landscape of the state and have tailored our selection to align with state standards and curriculum requirements. Every word in every book was carefully chosen to align to our phonics skill scope and sequence.
  • Phonics-First Philosophy. At Hello Literacy, we embrace a "phonics-first" philosophy. Our decodable books are carefully crafted to help Utah decodable phonics readers practice decoding skills and build a strong foundation in phonemic awareness and phonics. These decodable books are essential for teaching the foundational skills necessary for reading success. With the use of decodable phonics readers, comes accuracy and automaticity of word reading leading to higher levels of fluency and reading comprehension.
  • Inclusive Accessibility. Our commitment to accessibility means that Hello Literacy's decodable phonics books are designed to cater to a wide range of Utah decodable phonics readers. We offer a variety of titles suitable for different age groups, interests, abilities, and learning environments.
  • Engaging Storylines. We understand that a captivating story can ignite a child's love for reading. That's why our decodable books feature engaging storylines and relatable characters that keep decodable phonics readers in Utah excited to turn the page. Not only are Hello Decodables books decodable, but the stories are fun and entertaining.
  • Careful Word Selection. We take great care in selecting words and phrases that align with the phonics skills being taught. This ensures that Utah decodable readers experience success as they practice reading and building their confidence. Every Hello Decodable book has been created systematically so that each skill/book builds on the next. Due to this systematic nature of the skill sequence, students are given text they can actually read and not left in the dark to guess or memorize words.
  • Proven Effectiveness. The effectiveness of our best decodable books is supported by the body research known as the science of reading and a growing number of satisfied customers, teachers, principals, schools and districts. Hello Decodables have been a valuable resource in many classrooms and homes, contributing to the development of strong, confident readers. When decodable readers are used for small group skill instruction, this supports the mounds of research on differentiated instruction.




When it comes to choosing the best decodable books in Utah, Hello Literacy is the name you can trust. Join us on the journey to empower the next generation of proficient Utah decodable readers with our top-quality, cost-effective decodable phonics books.


For the finest best decodable books in Utah, choose Hello Decodables by Hello Literacy. We are here to support your mission of teaching children to read and thrive in the world of literacy. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the benefits of our decodable books, carefully designed to nurture reading success of all decodable phonics readers in Utah.

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